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How do you choose the right video and website production company?

We create videos and websites to sell your product, business, non-profit organization, charity or concept.

So you do you choose the correct video & web production company?  After working with  hundreds of clients we can say the relationship comes first.  What are the right questions?  The only wrong questions to ask are not asking any questions at all.  We need to ask questions of each other.  Those questions lead to an overview of your business, your customers and your goals be it a simple project or more complex.  It is our job as marketing professionals to build a long term relationship.  The more we understood then the more accurate recommendations can be made.  This leads to better answers to the question of how much and what can be done for you and your business.

There are many video and website professionals, SEO strategists, marketing gurus, producers and directors to choose from.  So how do you choose?

  • Has the company done it?
  • Do you like what they’ve done?
  • Can it be done within your budget?

We build relationships to instill confidence that we will listen to your needs, respect your budget and work with you to not only carry out your immediate project but give you options and possibilities now and for the future.

The most important step is you

You are the most important step in the process.  We ask questions.  We listen to your needs and goals.  We take the time to learn about you, where you want to be and who your target is.  We feel this is the most effective way to create a successful project within your budget. It begins with our relationship be it a simpler project or a more complex campaign.  Learn more about choosing the right video and web marketing company.

And now you can look at our flashy video demo reel.

We take care of every detail

Your project may be lean and efficient or more complex and we take care of every detail.

  • Scripts
  • Schedules
  • Permits
  • Film crews
  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Graphics and design
  • Studios and green screen shoots
  • Audio post production
  • Music scoring and needle drops
  • Announcers – Narrators
  • Talent

Video production or website production?

We’re both.  Our years of production and marketing experience has taught us to get to know ours client, their business and their customers.  We get to know your needs and what it is you do in order to successfully achieve your goals.  We expanded and grew our skills and expertise to deliver options for our clients.  You need to have a user friendly website that meets current desktop, mobile and tablet environments.   We strive to deliver a secure and search engine optimized product that is scalable and highly configurable.  Our goal is to provide a unified and effective marketing approach, message and product to help our clients achieve a better return on investment and enjoy the rewards of more successful campaigns.

Prove it

Marketing and management professional with over 10 years of experience developing, budgeting and executing creative video and internet messaging projects from concept to conclusion within overlapping timelines and deadlines.

  • Writer, producer, director, videographer and editor of long-form and commercial video including broadcast commercials for local market television station
  • Broadcast television station production manager
  • Managed and motivated web team to provide excellent service and internet products for multi-brand, multinational group of nutraceutical companies
  • Created and executed messaging to advance a BC health care profession to be top ranked by province
  • Tripled web traffic for two health care organizations
  • Developed and deploy WordPress websites including server, email management and training to reduce client external costs through in-house content management
  • Managed budgets up to $200,000
  • Content writer specializing in advertising, marketing and WordPress tips and instructional articles


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