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An investment of time, energy and money should produce tangible results.  The expectation is that an investment in a website should immediately produce more traffic, conversions, improved rankings and so on.   We are used to instant gratification and expect it more often.  There are questions when that doesn’t immediately happen and we’ve had to answer many of them.

It’s not an apples to apples comparison. There’s a whole lot of oranges to consider.

The key to success is patience and persistence.

We used our own site here at RidgemoorMedia as an example of this. We compared our new site to a very reputable and long-established veteran using a free tool at SEOSiteCheckup.com and both scored the same at 64/100.  How does the other site do better if both score the same?

It’s not an apples to apples comparison. There’s a whole lot of oranges to consider and before you jump to conclusions take a moment to consider the following.

Does domain age matter?

Domain age mostly matters with sites that are very young; less than 2 to 3 months old and perhaps even less than 6 months old.   Now let’s qualify that statement using an analogy of two stores.  The first store has been around for a long time and people generally know where it is but the second store is newly built on the vacant lot.

Location, location, location

It is true that it takes a while for people to know where a store is.  In our analogy of two stores the first has a natural advantage due to its well-known location but only for a short period of time.  Search engines will begin to index the second store and it takes a while, a few months, for the indexes to properly replicate.  The second store may also be tweaking the SEO during this time before settling down which causes further refinements and re-indexing.  Eventually the first store will no longer have the advantage.  People will be able to find the second, newer store and be familiar where it is.  The odds will be even in this area.


Another next step to ranking higher is content.  Are you presenting content that your visitors want and is it relevant to what you do, sell, distribute, impart, etc.?  If the second store presents quality content that interests the target visitor then it will eventually surpass the first store which may lack in this area.

Creating content people want to link to or share can be a challenge especially for retail.  It can be a conundrum.  Not everyone wants to be sold but everyone likes a sale.  A store can’t continually drop prices to be noticed as they would soon be out of business.  Content takes a bit of creativity. As an example a BBQ store can create content such as suggesting affordable gift ideas at Christmas like a BBQ tool kit.  In early spring they can create content about the new models or how to choose the best BBQ.  Testimonials and reviews help.  Give a future discount to entice a customer to submit a review on what they just bought.  You’ll get a review and a future revenue.


Don’t forget about keeping a clean store.  Make the layout easy and logical to navigate.  It’s that simple.


There is no secret shortcut to building backlinks.  Backlinks create authority and search engines love backlinks.  Quality backlinks boost your reputation and search engines may penalize you if you try to take shortcuts.  Backlinks increase the size of your footprint on the net.  The more people talk about you the better.


It’s better to ditch the notion of popularity and adopt maintaining your reputation.  A blip of phenomenal traffic may not be worth as much in the bank as maintaining a consistent and quality base of visitors.  Repeat customers are worth more.


You can’t ignore the fact you are trying to be noticed and it is a popularity contest of sorts complete with pitfalls.  The public are fickle and quick to judge.  They can be unforgiving safely behind their keyboards.  Be mindful of what you post.

Digital marketing can be both instantaneous and frustratingly slow.  Don’t expect change overnight and remember that new websites take time to establish.  There’s a lot of fine tuning in the early days and search engines and index updates happen in their own time out of your control.

It doesn’t matter; web or traditional media.  If you don’t tell people where you are and give them a reason to come visit and come back then you’ll be awfully lonely standing in your store window looking for people.

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