The hidden side of marketing

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A client may only see 10% of the marketing iceberg and often overlooks the 90% that is below the waterline. The finished result is what the client sees; the video, the website, the tweet, the post and they gauge immediate return on investment by perceived quality, how many pages and number of followers or likes.

A business decision maker may be looking to a marketing agency for help or forging ahead with their own internal people but in either case they may not fully comprehend what happens behind the scenes to keep the marketing machine chugging along.

WordPress is extremely pervasive at more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015

[1] and the most popular blogging system in use on the web at more than 60 million websites[2].  However these websites are not set it and forget it properties.  There is continual monitoring to update plugins for security patches and improvements and occasional theme updates to deploy.  This may only take a few minutes each week to “check in” with the site but it adds to the task of hidden marketing chores.

Content consumes the largest chunk of time and generating fresh content day after day or week after week is an uphill grind.  Look at your own Facebook news feed.  Are you tired of the same post shared by your friends appearing multiple times?  Original content may take a few minutes to create or a few hours depending on quantity and quality but it adds up.  It’s one thing to come up with a couple of ideas and another to come up with a couple of ideas every day…day in and day out.

Then there is Search Engine Optimization which is a whole other iceberg however mom and pop websites can benefit from basic search engine optimization tweaks.  Take an extra 5 minutes to tweak the title and description to attract visitors.  It still is about quality of content than keyword stuffing and those extra 5 minutes can deliver returns down the road.

Beyond the production of video is how it’s presented within the site.  Do you take the time to subtitle or close caption your video content?  The Canadian Association of Deaf uses the “one in ten” formula for estimating that there are approximately 350,000 culturally Deaf Canadians and 3.15 million hard of hearing Canadians[3].   In the US it’s estimated at nearly 10 million Americans are hard of hearing and 1 million are functionally deaf[4].

The hard of hearing and functionally deaf are a large group of consumers to ignore.

There is also planning.  Planning takes time and ignoring a plan can derail the best of marketing initiatives.  Plans that could have gone off with a bang end up being only a pop and a fizzle.

The awareness of what isn’t obvious in marketing is just as important as the visible end results and knowing this is a great step towards success.
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