The do’s and dont’s of video marketing for small business

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Do make time.

Make time to create video content and your customers will make time for you.  Video can be an effective tool in your marketing plans.

Do show and tell.

Video offers a strong visual experience.  A picture is worth a thousand words and a product demonstration, service discussion or endorsement will convey a lot to the viewer that words just can’t.  If you are talking about a product then show it.

Don’t be too quick.

Don’t hold up a product and then put it down quickly.  People need time to look at it.   It’s better to leave the product on a stand next to you or in front of you and capture close up shots to edit in later.

Don’t try to create a Hollywood epic.

You probably don’t have the budget, expertise, equipment or experience and you will end up in frustration.

Don’t stand in front of a camera without a plan.

Even those who can expertly ad lib follow a loose structure if they want to make a successful video.  If you are going to create a product demonstration or review then map out the beginning, middle and end before you start recording.

Do be aware of what is around you.

It probably won’t do you any favors if you are standing in the middle of your store with cluttered shelves behind you or, worse yet, a window to the street with cars and people passing by.

Do make a point and make it quickly.

You’ve got a few seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and only two to five minutes to make a few points.  After that your audience will click away or forget what you said at the beginning.

Don’t forget that video needs pictorial and written content.

Use stills from the video in social media to promote.  Use text articles that accompany the video to beef up the SEO content of your website.

Don’t expect a billion views.

Everyone buys a lottery ticket expecting to win but only a few do.  The reality is videos receiving over 100,000 views on YouTube on rather mundane topics may have been there for 1 or 2 years already.  Highly topical subjects or popular new products get more views in a shorter amount of time.

Don’t ignore those that prefer to read as well as watch.

Some visitors prefer to read text in the form of written descriptions, in-house reviews or explanations. If you post a video then write a good description or, better yet, merry the article together on your web page with the embedded video. You’ll get better SEO.

Do promote your video.

Your video won’t do you any good if you don’t tell anyone.  Use your website and social media channels to promote yourself.  It will build up after time as you build you your video content.

Don’t give up.

Creating great video content for your business is not impossible but it can be a challenge in the early days.  Remember a video that is seen 500 times and brings in 100 customers is better than a video with 10,000 views that only brings in 1 customer.  If you stumble and need some help then talk to the pros.

Do talk to the pros.

An investment in a professional video production company and, if necessary, a host can be and is a wise investment if you want your video marketing to have a greater chance of success.  Again you are not creating a Hollywood epic.  Your goal is to be professional in look and content.

Video offers a convenient form of information consumption.  Just like the TV it’s easy to tune in and just watch.

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