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Why the goal doesn’t come first

It may seem obvious that setting a goal for an audience is the first step in advertising but it isn’t. An advertiser may convey a goal, and indeed it is important to the advertiser, however it will lessen the success of the engagement message if that is all that drives it. It happens. Product knowledge is [...]

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The reality of YouTube for business

YouTube has been lucrative for many and elevated some to celebrity status.  Videos have millions and even billions of views and can have significant influence but it’s time for a reality check if you expect your product or message video to rank in the top 100 or top 1000 or even top 10,000 of YouTube. [...]

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Stop spam in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can give a false impression of visitor traffic.  Did you know that the majority of traffic may be spam and not real visitors?  What may seem to be impressive visitor numbers on first look may actually be a pitiful number of real visitors after the garbage is stripped away. Google Analytics data must [...]

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