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Project Description

Web Design – Doctor Reichert

Small business on a small business budget can get a big voice.  Doctor Reichert came to us with no knowledge, experience or specific direction but knew he wanted a small business website to give him a presence on the web for potential patients to find him.  He also wanted to be able to share articles he had written with the public.

We want our clients to have the right tool for their needs.  We’ve heard too many stories where clients had beautiful and complex websites built for them. They received the Rolls Royce of websites but really only needed an economical city car.  Our focus was to deliver a WordPress based site where the client could, with a minimum of training, post new articles easily and quickly.  Everything else was done but still easily accessible to the client for changes. We supplied a complete search engine optimization and are maintaining it for the client on a quarterly basis along with the basic maintenance and updates.

Ridgemoor Media expanded our skills and expertise to deliver the option for a client to have a user friendly small business website that meets current desktop, mobile and tablet environments.   We strive to deliver a secure and search engine optimized product that is scalable and highly configurable.  Our goal is to provide a unified and effective marketing approach, message and product to help our clients plan,  receive a better return on investment and enjoy the rewards of a more successful campaign.

doctor reichert website multidevice layout