TV Commercial | LetsTalkBack

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    Project Description

    TV Commercial – LetsTalkBack

    One of a set of two tv commercials written, produced, directed and edited by Ridgemoor Media to promote the BC Chiropractic Association’s website.

    The project is an incredible example of exceeding expectations. The client came to us to create a television commercial to promote the patient/chiropractor experience. After listening to their needs, wants and goal we asked questions. We looked long term and presented a solution that enhanced their current goals, expanded their reach and provided a vehicle for future campaigns. What blew the client away was that we stayed within their budget delivering many times the value.

    Ridgemoor Media delivered a user friendly, responsive website for desktop, mobile and tablet environments. We strive to deliver a secure and search engine optimized product that is scalable and highly configurable. Our goal is to provide a unified and effective marketing approach, message and product to help our clients plan, receive a better return on investment and enjoy the rewards of a more successful campaign.

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