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Project Description

Geeks Are Us is a small business in a very competitive and slim margin arena.  We recognize and embrace our small business website clients.  They are our reputation and our strength. Geeks Are Us had an antiquated website that had mistakes and did not fit on mobile or tablet devices.  The client could and did not know how to update it.  It was a very poor calling card for their cutting edge technology business.  We embraced their philosophy of personalized service at a great value by delivering a simple yet effective new small business website that was fully responsive to all devices and screen sizes. It also included a new help desk ticket system to support their clients.  It may not be on the bleeding edge but the client needed what they deliver to their clients; a product and service that works, is dependable and reliable with future scalability at a fair price.

We delivered.

Ridgemoor Media expanded our skills and expertise to deliver the option for a client to have a user friendly website that meets current desktop, mobile and tablet environments.   We strive to deliver a secure and search engine optimized product that is scalable and highly configurable.  Our goal is to provide a unified and effective marketing approach, message and product to help our clients plan,  receive a better return on investment and enjoy the rewards of a more successful campaign.

Project Details