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The client isn’t always right and neither are you

The other day I saw a TV commercial that was a variation of a script I had presented to the same client.  I was surprised at first. I didn’t think it was an infringement of intellectual rights. I was surprised that the client, having rejected my original script and creative recommendations in favor of making [...]

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Why the goal doesn’t come first

It may seem obvious that setting a goal for an audience is the first step in advertising but it isn’t. An advertiser may convey a goal, and indeed it is important to the advertiser, however it will lessen the success of the engagement message if that is all that drives it. It happens. Product knowledge is [...]

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The reality of YouTube for business

YouTube has been lucrative for many and elevated some to celebrity status.  Videos have millions and even billions of views and can have significant influence but it’s time for a reality check if you expect your product or message video to rank in the top 100 or top 1000 or even top 10,000 of YouTube. [...]

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Is Google Adwords worth it? A quick guide.

Google Adwords provides a paid advertising vehicle that works in concert with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful and complex tool and it can be a goldmine of information and also a labyrinth of confusion. Those familiar with Google Analytics know the potential wealth of information that can be derived from it. They also [...]

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The Goldilocks Equation of Marketing

Every business owner and marketing professional has come face to face with the Goldilocks Equation of Marketing.  It’s the answer to what’s just right; not too much and not too little. Too much, too little and just right isn’t a constant.  It’s a variable.  It changes from moment to moment.  In fact too much or [...]

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Good ideas make sense

Storytelling is a powerful tool to reach your audience. Video is a compelling medium to connect ideas with viewers on many levels but using video isn’t always a guarantee of success. All marketing success stories begin with a strong core idea. Not only do you have to believe in the idea but others must too and there [...]

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Fail marketing a business in ten steps (or less)

The first step to fail marketing a business; post first and ask questions later So many failed marketing plans begin with “we should be…”.  Whoever says a business should be tweeting or posting or making videos or writing articles because “everyone else is” is wrong.  It has nothing to do with being competitive.  It has [...]

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How much? Video production for small business

Very few have advertising war chests filled with millions of dollars let alone hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  So where does this leave small business when it comes to video production? This is not about TV airtime or online in-stream advertising budget requirements.  This is about the cost of creating video [...]

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Is social media right for you?

It may seem like a silly question after all isn’t everyone using social media as part of their marketing plan? Too many have leaped onto the social media stage before looking. It’s like picking up a tool without knowing what it is and what it can do but using it just because “everyone else is”. [...]

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