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Storytelling is a powerful tool to reach your audience. Video is a compelling medium to connect ideas with viewers on many levels but using video isn’t always a guarantee of success. All marketing success stories begin with a strong core idea. Not only do you have to believe in the idea but others must too and there should be a ripple effect appealing to fringe audiences.

How does this translate to the real world?

The Pacific Spine Foundation is at the forefront to fund the first chiropractic academic institute in Western Canada. The Pacific Academic Institute of Chiropractic (PAIC) is currently in development on Burnaby Mountain, in the city of Burnaby adjacent to Vancouver, British Columbia. The new academic institute and research centre will support BC’s health care system through innovative and improved health outcomes that also realize lower health costs.

The Pacific Spine Foundation created a short video to motivate viewers to be the ones to effect positive economic and health care change by supporting the creation of the Pacific Academic Institute of Chiropractic.

There are only two accredited schools in Canada where students may attain a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Both schools are located in Eastern Canada. According to statistics provided by the Alberta and BC Chiropractic Associations, over the past 20 years, approximately 70% of registrants in BC graduated from US schools; in Alberta the number is closer to 90%.

BC’s Doctors of Chiropractic contribute millions of dollars to the BC economy. Many will be retiring soon with one third of practitioners currently over the age of 50. A school in BC would enable prospective students to stay and be educated in Western Canada and remain to contribute to the economy through as members of the community and business owners.

Creating Western Canada’s first school of chiropractic and research centre is not only a good idea; it makes sense as strains on BC’s health care system continue to increase. A 2010 study on the global burden of disease found that just low back pain is in the top ten of high burden disease and illnesses. In terms of disability adjusted life years this condition ranks ahead of HIV, road accidents, tuberculosis, lung cancer, chronic pulmonary heart disease and pre-term birth complications.

Back and back related conditions represent a huge burden to public and private health care plans; businesses large and small which provide employee health and disability benefits; and to individuals and their families who experience income loss and a dramatic reduction in their quality of life.

An improved health care system benefits everyone and ground breaking spinal research may change people’s lives as will enabling Canadian students to study closer to home in Canada at a world class facility. These concepts are at the core of the video and just make sense whether the viewer believes in the effectiveness of chiropractic or not.

This is where using video as a marketing tool begins; in ideas that have broad appeal on many levels and to many viewers.

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