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We always preach to see your business through the customer’s eyes.  If you are reading this then, most likely, you could be a potential customer.  How then should we see Ridgemoor Media through your eyes?  How do you go about choosing the correct video & web partner?  We see a partnership between us to achieve your goals and it starts long before the concept, the budget and product.

We, the video and web marketing company, should make it our goal to understand you.

Let’s back up a step to the internet search. A common checklist for many is;

  • has the company done it?
  • do you like what they’ve done?
  • and can it be done for you within your budget?

We all put our best foot forward and present eye-catching work examples and demo reels.  Unfortunately that fantastic work may not be a practical budget choice or the right product for your needs and target market but let’s say you pick up the phone and call. We encourage you to ask questions and listen for the questions asked of you. It costs nothing but a bit of time.  A face to face discussion at your business has the biggest benefit.  If that isn’t possible then phone calls are better than email as there may be valuable insight missed in an email.

We, the video and web marketing company, should make it our goal to understand you. We need to instill confidence that we will listen to your needs, respect your budget and work with you to not only carry out your immediate project but give you options and possibilities now and for the future.   Yes there is the product, price and persuasion path everyone walks.   You are attracted to the product, make further price-based decisions and then may be persuaded to make a financial commitment and inevitably everyone asks the how much question.  It can be an awful lot like buying a car.  The prospective customer may have a budget number in mind and the salesperson is asking how much they want to spend.  The customer may feel they may lose control or be taken advantage of if that information is released. There is a lack of trust.

Right away we can’t tell you how much a video or TV commercial or website costs.  It’s like asking how much does a car cost without any details of options, model, size, type and so on. We can give budget ranges of other products but they may not be specific to your needs and goals.  In past years of television commercial production the go to how much answer for the cost of a corporate video used to be to say $800 to $1500 per finished minute based on a 10 minute minimum length.  It was the generic answer to the generic how much question.  The how much question is always asked and, most times, it’s the wrong question to be asking.  There are no details about what could be done for your business other than it may be perceived as exceeding the budget.

So how you do you choose the correct video & web production company?  What are the right questions?

The only wrong questions to ask are not asking any questions at all.  We need to ask questions of each other.  Those questions lead to an overview of your business, your customers and your goals be it a simple project or more complex.  It is our job as marketing professionals to make recommendations and foster a long term relationship.  The more that is understood then the more accurate recommendations can be made and the better answer to the question of how much, and even better, what can be done for you and your business.

We look forward to meeting you.

About the Author:

Doug Kronlund
Doug Kronlund is a marketing and management professional with an extensive track record of strong leadership and project management skills leading multiple media and internet projects with overlapping timelines across separately managed accounts. Multidiscipline skill set includes writing for video and online content, directing, producing, editing, WordPress, communications, sales, creative concept development and execution and budget management within freelance, small and large business environments and corporate settings.

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