Can your business benefit from video?

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Video is a huge benefit to your business and you would be right and wrong.

Can your business benefit from video? You assume that we would, of course, say yes video is a huge benefit to your business and you would be right and wrong.  We’ve learned that there’s more than one way to skin a cat in the business of video production and marketing.  There isn’t a best way rather there are better and worse approaches.  Cat lovers can relax as the etymology of skinning a cat has its origins in the gutting and cleaning of catfish.

A better approach is to know your product or service and your customer.  A worse approach is to shoot first and ask questions later.  Take the time to define the relationship between product or service and customer.  If you want to forge ahead without a solid plan then the most important pieces of advice we can impart is don’t bury the lead and remember the numb bum factor.  Today’s gnat-like attention span means if you don’t get to the point in the first few seconds then your audience has most likely moved on.  This doesn’t mean opening with low angle Michael Bay-esque slow motion shots of endless explosions and short shorts.  It means getting to the heart of what appeals to your customer as quickly as possible.

It’s the “What’s in it for me?” approach.

It is presenting your product or service as it best appeals to the customer.  It may not necessarily be what you think is best about the product or service but it is what triggers the customer to immediately see a benefit to their lives.  Once you have their attention then there’s time for introducing more information.  Never ask a question.  Make statements.  “Here’s how to make a million dollars!” is more effective than “Do you want to make a million dollars?”.

Is video a waste of advertising and marketing dollars if there is insufficient quality time with the customer?

Your watching audience has a more opportunity to become distracted.  15, 20 and 30 minute videos were the norm when I first started out in television advertising.  They were very effective and enabled clients to take their world to their customers.   People were more apt to sit down and watch a video.  The time to a numb bum was longer.  Now, in a click of a mouse or poke of a finger, your customer can move on and the time to numb bum is minutes if not seconds.  Is video a waste of advertising and marketing dollars if there is insufficient quality time with the customer?  Any venture has poor return on investment if it doesn’t reach the customer.

Every business, charity, non-profit or service can benefit, in one form or another, from video.  A local retail clothing store may benefit from a TV commercial to advertise a sale to a large, local market however the same store may not see the benefit from videos on their website where catalog images would be more practical.   Industry such as heavy machinery, construction, maintenance and manufacturing are just the opposite where videos provide insight to people, processes and locations otherwise inaccessible to the potential customer.  Local business such as a hearing aid supplier may benefit from engaging information and education videos to promote a level of familiarity and trust with the audience.  It is not only product knowledge but being knowledgeable about your customer.

Marketing professionals with specialties in video production can identify better and best approaches to reaching and engaging your customer and maximize your return on advertising and marketing investments.

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