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Ridgemoor Media creates video and websites

Ridgemoor Media is a team of video and website production artisans based in Vancouver, BC. We have years of experience creating commercials, training videos, web and corporate videos.  Our websites empower stakeholders to create. We believe the client relationship comes first and we get to know your business and  your market.  We listen to your needs, respect your budget and work with you to fulfill your immediate needs, deliver results and ensure you have growth options for the future.


We create solutions that fit your business needs from complete concept to conclusion whether they are lean and efficient or more complex. We do interviews, location stories, showcase videos for products and places, commercials, corporate and training videos and many other digital media projects. We take care of the details from crew to code, location to logistics, design to done. Our mandate is to deliver your goals.


We create stories.  We have the experience honed through years of creating intensive and complex media projects within multiple timelines and deadlines including scripting for video and online content, directing, producing, editing, WordPress, communications, sales, creative concept development and execution and budget management within freelance, small and large business environments and corporate settings.


Yes we build WordPress websites. We design and deploy affordable websites that are easier to work with, responsive, have improved SEO optimization capabilities to showcase your business. Your website is your calling card. You can have a website with impact for an affordable budget. If your website is looking dated then it’s time to contact us for a no obligation strategy session.

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