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The client isn’t always right and neither are you

The other day I saw a TV commercial that was a variation of a script I had presented to the same client.  I was surprised at first. I didn’t think it was an infringement of intellectual rights. I was surprised that the client, having rejected my original script and creative recommendations in favor of making [...]

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Why the goal doesn’t come first

It may seem obvious that setting a goal for an audience is the first step in advertising but it isn’t. An advertiser may convey a goal, and indeed it is important to the advertiser, however it will lessen the success of the engagement message if that is all that drives it. It happens. Product knowledge is [...]

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The 8 basic and best WordPress plugins every site should have

Every WordPress site should install a few must-have plugins to enhance performance, security and SEO. Many of these plugins have free and paid versions or may need the use of other free or paid services but all 8 in this guide an be used free of charge reliably and dependably. It’s important to install only the [...]

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Is Google Adwords worth it? A quick guide.

Google Adwords provides a paid advertising vehicle that works in concert with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful and complex tool and it can be a goldmine of information and also a labyrinth of confusion. Those familiar with Google Analytics know the potential wealth of information that can be derived from it. They also [...]

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The Goldilocks Equation of Marketing

Every business owner and marketing professional has come face to face with the Goldilocks Equation of Marketing.  It’s the answer to what’s just right; not too much and not too little. Too much, too little and just right isn’t a constant.  It’s a variable.  It changes from moment to moment.  In fact too much or [...]

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Fail marketing a business in ten steps (or less)

The first step to fail marketing a business; post first and ask questions later So many failed marketing plans begin with “we should be…”.  Whoever says a business should be tweeting or posting or making videos or writing articles because “everyone else is” is wrong.  It has nothing to do with being competitive.  It has [...]

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