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About Doug Kronlund

Doug Kronlund is a marketing and management professional with 20 years of strong leadership and project management skills leading multiple projects with overlapping timelines in advertising and video messaging including writing, directing, producing, editing, client and sales relationships, marketing presentations, creative concept development and execution and budget management within freelance, small and large business environments. 10 years of website design, development, implementation and collaboration on communications and public relations.

Why the goal doesn’t come first

It may seem obvious that setting a goal for an audience is the first step in advertising but it isn’t. An advertiser may convey a goal, and indeed it is important to the advertiser, however it will lessen the success of the engagement message if that is all that drives it. It happens. Product knowledge is the [...]

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The 8 basic and best WordPress plugins every site should have

Every WordPress site should install a few must-have plugins to enhance performance, security and SEO. Many of these plugins have free and paid versions or may need the use of other free or paid services but all 8 in this guide an be used free of charge reliably and dependably. It’s important to install only the [...]

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Is Google Adwords worth it? A quick guide.

Google Adwords provides a paid advertising vehicle that works in concert with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful and complex tool and it can be a goldmine of information and also a labyrinth of confusion. Those familiar with Google Analytics know the potential wealth of information that can be derived from it. They also [...]

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The Goldilocks Equation of Marketing

Every business owner and marketing professional has come face to face with the Goldilocks Equation of Marketing.  It’s the answer to what’s just right; not too much and not too little. Too much, too little and just right isn’t a constant.  It’s a variable.  It changes from moment to moment.  In fact too much or [...]

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Fail marketing a business in ten steps (or less)

The first step to fail marketing a business; post first and ask questions later So many failed marketing plans begin with “we should be…”.  Whoever says a business should be tweeting or posting or making videos or writing articles because “everyone else is” is wrong.  It has nothing to do with being competitive.  It has [...]

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How much? Video production for small business

Very few have advertising war chests filled with millions of dollars let alone hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  So where does this leave small business when it comes to video production? This is not about TV airtime or online in-stream advertising budget requirements.  This is about the cost of creating video [...]

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