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Ridgemoor Media is a video and website production company based in Vancouver, BC. We have years of experience creating commercials, training, web and corporate videos and websites. We believe the client relationship comes first. Our first goal is to get to know you, your market and your business. You can be confident that we listen to your needs, respect your budget and work with you to  fulfill your immediate needs and give you options for the future.


We create solutions that fit your needs from complete concept to conclusion.  Lean and efficient or more complex. We do Interviews, location stories, showcase video for products and places, commercials, corporate and training video. We take care of all the details from crew to code, location to logistics, design to done. We’ll take care of pre-production, talent, filming and post-production. Our job is to help you achieve your goals.


We create stories.  We have the experience honed through creating intensive and complex media projects within multiple timelines and deadlines. Our goal is to motivate your audience.  We connect your message with your audience for use in broadcast advertising, YouTube or on your website.  Our post scoring, announcer and award winning graphic design partners will help take your video projects to the next level.


Yes we do websites.  We can design and deploy affordable websites that are easier to work with, responsive to desktop, tablet and smartphone layouts, have improved optimization capabilities and better showcases your business. If your website design hasn’t been looked at in 5 or more years then it’s as good as time as any to reassess. A website that is clunky to use means that it won’t get the attention it deserves which can hurt your business.

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